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Diana 6/14/99 - Looking for aupair job for 6 months. I am 19. I have drivers lisence. I can cook and I keep householding at home, I am an aunt and help my elder brother to nurse the baby. I am studying languages: English, Franch, Spanish, also there are courses of pedagogicy and literature. I would be very glad to be a BIG SISTER. - Diana Askarova - Email:
  • 6/9/99 - We are a Christian German-American family with 2 small "offsprings" (10 month, 2 years+), living in a nice suburb of Heidelberg, Germany. We are looking for a Christian Au Pair starting in August and staying with us for one year. Knowledge of German would be helpful, but English only is fine, too. Experience with small children and references are necessary though.
    Contact: Cordula Dunbar
  • 6/9/99 - We are looking for an au pair who can stay for the summer or longer. Hopefully you will be sporty, outgoing, 21+, speak good English, hold a current driving licence and have experience of looking after children in a home situation. We live in a small town 15 miles from central London. The London Underground is walking distance as is the local town centre. Please email me at
    Lesley Keddy
  • 6/8/99 - Im a 21 years old hungarian girl called Reka Szoke, studying law at a University in Budapest. Im interested in cultures of other nations, languages especially german and english, love children all of ages from a newborned child to older ones, and have enough sense of humor, happiness, responsibility and creativity to spend time with them without boring. I also have to tell, that I have driving license, may you need also this information.
    About the job: I need au- pair or baby- sitter jobs during the summer period, because I should meet my learning engagements. That means, I can char this job only for 2, in special situations for 3 months during summer seasons. Please send me your email with your job offers, or write me to Reka Szoke, 1. Szabadsag street, Nagyigmand 2942, Hungary. You also have the opportunity to call or fax me at 003634356765.
    Email: Reka Szoke
  • 6/1/99 - Nous sommes une famille de trois enfants (9, 4, 2 ans) et un chien recherchons une jeune fille au pair desirant rester au moins un an a paris. Merci de nous contacter si vous pouvez faire quelques chose pour nous.
    92160 ANTONY
    Tel: 01 46 74 03 33   Fax: 01 46 74 04 93
  • 5/28/99 - Hi, I would like to be an au-pair in he USA but I don't know neither the procedures, nor an au pair club that could help me. Do you have any information? Could you help me?
    My e-mail is
    Thank you very much,
  • Part-time employment opportunities in Philly area starting September. Contact Erika Kirschner for details at:
  • Hi! I spent an exchangestudent-year in Alexandria 96-97 and I think all of you have been real lucky to be placed in D.C. area. I've visited Alexandria two times after being an excahnge student and I have a boyfriend there. I'm planning to spend another 6-8 months in D.C. taking dance classes, but I'm also looking for a way to work as a part time au pair, during the daytime. I wonder if any of y'all could help me? After all, getting the visa and affording to live there for that long would be a lot easier that way...I would be happy for a reply. HAVE FUN!!!---Anna Luoma

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